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Both of my workshops will help you become a better data analyst, whether its trying to communicate your findings to your boss or looking to develop advance technical skills that will help you uncover more impactful insights.

Data Storytelling Workshop

Present your data with clarity and confidence. Get your message across more clearly with our Data Storytelling Workshop. This workshop is specifically designed for data analysts who aspire to be key drivers in their organization and who want to have a bigger influence. I’ll work with you to sharpen your messaging, spruce up your presentation and teach you ways on how you can tell a more powerful story to your audience.

Data Analyst Workshop

Take your analysis skills to the next level and uncover truly key insights that will make the organization move. A data analyst is only as good as their ability to help their organizations make the right strategic moves. Without advanced analysis skills, you won’t be able to deliver solid recommendations. This workshop will dive into the deeper details of Excel or Tableau and we’ll work together on techniques like joining different data sources, slicing and dicing data, using heatmaps and much more.