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Building better relationships with Orchestra

Over the past few months, many things have happened since I started working on the initial idea for Orchestra. From the very beginning, it was going to be a simpler email marketing automation service. After joining the LaunchYU accelerator program, working with mentors from VentureLab and doing customer development, the product has pivoted to becoming a simpler CRM. However, the market is crowded and everyone who wants a CRM also wants it connected to something else. I also began to wonder about my mission for starting a company.

After much deliberation, soul searching and thought, I discovered that the problem I’m most passionate about solving is based on human relationships. We’re inundated with so much technology these days but there’s something to be said about building relationships on a one to one connection. I want to help facilitate more one to one dialogues.

Orchestra’s mission is about bringing back one to one connections. Through technology, it’ll help us rediscover the magic of connecting with someone privately. Our social networks are clogged with thousands of ‘friends’ but how many of them do we personally know? And how many of them do we interact with regularly? Do you remember the last time when you had a casual chat with a friend and how amazing it feels? I’m convinced that the lack of these personal connections are one of the key reasons why we’re so unhappy as a society.

We’re starting off with a mobile application that helps you keep track of the important details of your conversations. That way, you’ll know what you last talked about and have context for future conversations. The mobile application will also keep track of when you last reached out to a particular person and provide reminders on when to reach out to your contacts.

I invite you to challenge yourself to reach out to 1 person whom you’ve not spoken to in 3 months and invite them out for coffee. Ask them how they’re doing and listen to their stories.

Build better relationships
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