Teren Teh is Vice President, Customer Analytics for Barclays in the United Kingdom. In his role, he helps executives develop winning business strategies by leveraging opportunities through data.

Whether it’s making sense of data to tell powerful stories or developing predictive models to aid decision-making, he is truly passionate about delivering insight and impact.

He also enjoys teaching others and has previously held workshops on data visualization and Tableau at the University of Toronto. His analysis techniques are technology-agnostic and he believes in using the right tool for the right job. That being said, he is comfortable with ExcelTableauSAS, R and Python.

Some projects where Teren has led/been involved in:

  • Predictive modelling of customer income for a global bank
  • Customer segmentation modelling for a Canadian insurance company
  • Customer acquisition and engagement for North American credit card company
  • Rewards loyalty program assessment for Canadian financial services company

Feel free to get in touch if you’re passionate about business, technology and data.