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3 proven ways to better personal and business relationships

The key to being successful and happiness is to have better relationships, both personal and business. And thankfully, there is no magic behind building better relationships. The skills we already have today are all we need to transform our life. Throughout my career, I have noticed 3 traits that have helped me gain friends across a spectrum of ages. These traits helped me form bonds with people who are studying in high school, with people whom I work with everyday as well as with people who are senior executives.

Here are the 3 proven ways that will definitely help you build better personal and business relationships:

  1. Be Interested
  2. Be Authentic
  3. Be A Listener

Be Interested

In a world where everyone has their own wants, needs and desires, what truly stands out is another human being who’s actually interested in me. Flip that fact around and you’ll realize that what other people truly want is for someone to be interested in them. Ask questions and be curious about other people. What do they like to do during their spare time? What motivates them? If they had a million dollars, what would they do with it? For someone to actually take interest in who we are means the world to us so imagine what it would mean when you take interest in someone else life.

Be Authentic

You can ask as many questions as you like but as long as you’re only pretending to be interested – you’re not going to get very far. No one likes fakers and despite how good you think you are, people can smell your foul fake stench from a thousand miles away. Be truthful and authentic when you speak and you will gain the other person’s respect. It’s really not about how many questions you ask someone but what questions you ask to show that you’re truly interested in someone.

Be a Listener

Pay attention, shut up and stop talking. When someone shares something, listen to what they have to say. When you ask deeper-probing questions that uncover more details, it shows you’re listening well and that you’re paying attention. Remember what they say and you will have gain a friend for life. Many times, people just really want someone to listen to them. They’re not looking for your advice so spare the saliva. Share it only when you’re given permission or that someone else has requested it. Instead, just listen and learn.